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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  June 29, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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the stores are following this morning 44 of the annual san francisco pride parade happening today what you need to know coming up and a lot of support. fire and one north bay neighborhood destroys home puts neighbors on edge watchers cruise dress up a gas leak. >> : they are joining us on kron 4 news weekend. were going to start things off by getting the water weather forecast. we are talking about a major warmup throws the area right now you notice fought not as bad as we saw for the past couple days. so pretty cloudy out there's mostly are pressed as differences go daly city cemetery ridge sitting of the high clouds out there and temperatures mainly in the upper 50s low 60s not a bad start to some morning.
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seventh of 57 with the concord's up to 62 degrees 54 living costs and santa rosa rainwear very shallow this morning cloud cover we do see patchy at best mainly along the waterfront. as a hat into the afternoon a loss sunshine temperatures certainly warmer than what was sought yesterday rossini's out livermore not oakland high as 70 full details on temperatures expected to peak detailed trouble dishes possibility because, coming up in 15 minutes >> : prior weekend well underway now in san francisco the the people expect it to gather today for centerpiece of the celebration that of course the annual pride parade live in severance as goal of the parade route on latest >> : star the pro on market and deal to sell some festivities are far as
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saturday today as you mentioned its fleet barricades' on the market all lay down their one not. expect a million people the incentive is to afford all over. bard is a lot of the heavy lifting during pried it breakers. they said they will have longer trains. also trains on standby. and more people that need to go in the san francisco right into service. by the time is over we do have 200 sloes some participants from all over the world. right now it is a busy place but perfect weather police officers patrolling this area making sure thing as safe boston marathon for people congregated in one place that's on their minds.
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they're making sure that this places a for all the people i have, the san francisco to check out the parade begins see i'm standing here not anyone behind me now shares are now israel under of opportunity it to to get half hours to get down perfect renfro after that let getting serious offenses go the blood moving around so some people expected to be here process of that some 38 to go on for a couple hours. also some vendors out of place right now. it will be exciting and great day it will ever recover from top to bottom. >> : bard of the heavy lifting as usual the and of they are having extra trains this morning outguess bar is a widow >> : or has extra trade ago ephors it's about how long bertrand's existing service longer trades to and more people hopping on board also said that they have extra chance on stand by just in
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case more people coming to san francisco than they thought. they wont to the situation a major plus for their clear moving quickly as they realize there are a lot people still scanning after bart train leaves the call bargains in the service the bart to know about this for the fourth year of prod it into the rodeo before. they know what to do up to you now was the analysis behind me are want our it go back to you. you before us there all morning long clara to a parade this morning also the street closures along the route now in effect. on market and deals street parade participants on market street ending a market in eighth. he been mined the
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line will be impacted markets also will be closed until 05 p.m. when crews will then clear the route. celebrations' already in full swing for fraud. civics and applause look like yesterday and earlier saturday the pink triangle put into place we spoke with tv talk-show host ross mathews won the grand marshals of the event >> : big deal the be grand marshal a grow but all zero farm town offensive player in said could be like that and grow up to be a happy girl openly gay person but that didn't at the trigger that example been chosen for this i think it's working people are noticing or trying to do >> : keep in mind that the parade will start at 1030 this morning on market and we will be there live all morning long reports for you throughout the newscast >> : continuing coverage online as well find all about the
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events happening pride weekend and on our website kron4-dot-com >> : one person died of a crash from highway one happened earlier this morning around 4:00 a.m. and santa rosa. chp says the person died when a car went off the road and crashed into a tree to other people caught from the vehicle no word yet on a cause or the expense of their injuries. also new this morning kutcha costa sheriff's office investigating an officer involved shooting. happen less than the 4600 block of a checkable boulevard. at a ball safety offices person shot a stick in the john muir medical school in walnut creek reason for shooting remained unclear this morning homes destroyed after a fire breaks out in the neighborhood peony also on a slight trend kept guessing in a home. explaining why it took several hours to put the fire out >> : through firefighters called to the what this sounds
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already have the house involves of a grudge level turned out to be to explosion >> : no word on wont was a tank to explode the fire grew quickly >> : a motor home in the back and saw the the district set alarm. more firefighters coliseum lack of resources with a response >> : our second arriving would of been a little quicker but that station is close >> : firefighters' work with look ahead and make sure everyone metal house safely a putting fire completely out might prove to be difficult and challenge was the grass exploded decimeter knocked off and we have natural gas leak that ignited in a connected that. power lines were down and told on the brush the whole area i could not or bronze.
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that agreement is excavator to dig in the stranger of the gas handicapped week >> : five hours of the fire started deciles off and the fire was finally out. across set up to help members who are unable to return home. but it but so listen up a hotel. when some damage the other total loss >> : firefighters reflector everyone was physically ok >> : still ahead president obama making drastic changes to the u.s.-mexico border needs nearly $2 billion to do so explain latest move in curbing illegal immigration rob black having export tally when he is expected to return to city hall half fell in back of the spotlight again but his new manager getting some attention south of death threats were made against after the break >> :
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california fell mutt leaves or drooling over rhonda's but he had the manager and says she's not feeling a lot of name to your area's received dozens of harassing phone calls including death threats at mesa admitted he'd been part of the crips gang law officer father report friday on the dress department hired just last week to work with meese family getting so much attention basically overwhelmed since the mug shot one bottle. meese apparently had modeling agencies reality tv shows as well. toronto mayor rob for expenses returns to city hall after two monthly of absence to deal with substance abuse. they will speak to reporters the in the public trough afternoon tea is meat may see as much sun rob for said the loss
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eight pants sizes after rehab. it knowledge international attention after he confessed smoking crack. a strong earthquake rattled arizona on the story coming up to look at exactly where the earthquake happened untidy who faulted that's coming up >> :
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a sunny day with kron 4 news weekend taking a look at the forecast nothing but sunshine of the golden gate bridge clear here is a general indication as to see clear skies of the golden gate bridge sinclair's guys at about some clouds along we are talking about warmup today and continuing to tomorrow temperatures near the triple digits and when commercial cooling tuesday it tuesday to thursday for the july looking pretty pleasant in use for the war
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scenarios. satellite images poorly forming a rain. not dominating the bay area >> : to of these not antioch hitting a high of 90 is 90 degrees in livermore plenty of upper '70's lonnie's a shoreline's nfl today hitting a high of 85. i said if this afternoon for severance is go will be warm very pleasant. just a light breeze from time to time as a look ahead temperatures will certainly piqued by tomorrow plenty of triple digits pleased the interior valleys and then gradually clear conditions for morning fog afternoon sun >> : 5.2 earthquake that airs on the new mexican border late saturday usgs says it is centered in southeastern arizona callers from as well as 150 mi. say they felt the
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quake. luckily no reports of any injury or damage this morning >> : in a few thousand people had returned pour in seattle in cruise ship caught fire. that was saddam beginning a seven day alaska cruise when the fire broke out the fire began in one of the boiler rooms fortunately no injuries reported to. this is the ship is now fully operational exports to depart once again once the inspections are completed airline startling new details about good georgia father charged with murder after leaving his toddler and a hot car. this of the calls and from jail to son's funeral. >> : billy friends gathered in tuscaloosa alabama to more loss of 22 month year-old cooper heron. comes with new information sheds more light on the father charge of murder second-degree share of cruelty for leading tuber and a hot car for
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several hours. harris remains in jail will recall into his son's funeral so busy this support for his son >> : news search warrant paris use the internet to research travel death inside vehicles and what tempter needed be it for death to occur unless they give information the manner of death as homicide zero korean war he search the internet about chow of the car he was fearful that this could happen harris pleaded pleaded not guilty of all charges less again largely told places to put forgot his son and a back seat >> : please pay a different picture from paris on june 18th he intentionally left cooper in the blazing hot car never taking and they care is a harassment the work and even returned the car on his lunch break never move the child and they say shortly after 4:00 p.m. he drove the car to a shopping center where he called for help his what defended his
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microbursts funeral saying in my angry absolutely not investigated the harris's home and seized electronics and computers by phone as well pot and the car. the and it information on a computer was damaging information at this time. some guilty of killing his five year-old daughter judge ruled that a you also the rest of his left in prison. back in july 2005 williams' daughter italia died of head injury after being beaten and his family and military quarters evidence show she's tortured for months starved conducted struck with a belt and fathers vest >> : prosecuting u.s. attorney is glad the trial is finally over >> : the long process many years is as has been served because the killing happened on military base williams tried under federal law why his first double murder
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trial. special bureau of prisons to for much rain and present mohole williams for the rest of his life >> : some people injured after shooting in new orleans early this morning one woman shot bourbon street listed in critical condition as witnesses say the shooting appeared to intentionally shoe one victim before then opening fire on the crowd wore in st. of course none of the tourist attraction or close wriggler leaflet into the streets this still investigating the shooting president obama wants more than $2 billion to increase security and u.s.-mexico border the president is calling of urgent humanitarian need asking for the money to respond to a flood of immigrants illegally crossing the border also asking for new powers to deal with returning and our grandchildren for rest or traveling without their parents warehouse as present obama plans to ask congress for money tomorrow decision is expected when congress returns from the fourth of july recess >> : meantime house minority
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leader nancy pelosi on saturday visitor border patrol facility in texas the hold on occupied accompanied children she says the politics should be set aside because we have more responsibility to address this in a dignified way also said that she holds little hope that congress will pass comprehensive reform this year. still had on news weekend giants and a's highlights coming up also we look back and had at the world cup game >> : world cup game >> : llo.ur dt ocn spycrberrjuicdrin k th t clesing and rifyg por ofranbries the di sodfarms arhere seehereranbriesrow. hey,hereoes et sa grmm..
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various forces morning giants desperately looking for any way to rid the june soon as it took on the reds' taking them back to extra innings last night with the bases loaded relevant inning zack with the to run based head up the middle par-5 run inning for the reds as they took the game.
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the giants stole rare light bustard told the 10th hit rbi double the top to tied the game 73 was a final chance dropping three narrow a of 11 we took over the dodgers down to one game >> : a oakland a's got to fess start against miami marlins and the a's from 24 nothing lead in the first inning before the second game in rugby is squander that lead and then come back to when this time for two innings if it stays 50th one of the season third in row season- high 20 games over 500 bad news for its fans load josh credit sidelined with a sore knee he left after last night's game reactivated his injury scheduled for mri today. and the world cup this was the scene and brazil as many celebrated the saturday home team avoided elimination advancing to the quarterfinals. the win came at an incredible penalty
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shootout over chile and brazil was assured of three to two. brazil facing columbia and the quarterfinals of columbia eliminated your way yesterday to nothing. clematis star striker was sore as he was banned for four months for biting a tall and player and a game last week. brazil bought six on columbia friday u.s. will face belgium on tuesday today's match includes netherlands sticking on mexico and 9:00 this morning to surprise teams square off. cholesteric agrees match starts at 1. >> : sports i live this sunday night one more win and it's a core file the world cup for team usa a look ahead to the matchup in belgium soccer expert that chris dangerfield + giants was the rise of the trading on the first place in the west is our miami to cover marlon's full half-hour of all your sports needs this sunday night at 9 right after the news and lime
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yours away from a star of sulfur is as close 44 of the annual pride parade it wants to goethe will chant working along the parade route this morning on marcus straight so much of a crowd to early >> : a laudable jogging on board this morning but we don't see anybody on the parade route just yet right now trickling down getting up this in the east bay still come in here with plenty of time elsie anyone here market abele this is the beginning of the parade route by the time this week and is over a expect a million people flaw in the san francisco 44 fear of sf pride. the city home this is what you can expect the of from last year and as the festivities nothing like it in the nation largest gathering of fried all the country i can tell you because so many people will be here in any setting up
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their efforts as well particularly bardolino when there's a big event montfort offer extra transponder transfer people who need: a san fransico also other trends on stand by if they see there's a lot of people on the platforms even after the triple off the clock to trends in the service expects to order parade floats down here whats of the i p right now is quiet very busy because police officers are here still sitting up last barricades' for the people here organizes behind in making sure that the route authority clearly mapped out for a lot people to see people jogging this morning to visit a stop by to talk to me just get the one get their work out on the king come down here right now rednecks the burkett enough to come down per succeeding after that it's a 930 block. most people stay on shouldered scholer after that time. for instance at 1030 this morning >> :
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and mention the bar will be having next trends the stand by dean of the running the sunday schedule or monday to friday schedule. they're running the yet usual schedule plus extra trains their rates to go. even more than beta breakers they know how important this day is a lot of people think about driving into san francisco today i would suggest that you coming here to drop off and pick up litter and see market is clearly blocked off only certain people aren't even trend of the market at this time or been on a slapshot from that half to miss not once you go see cargo by me are is it your way going to san fransico today all the parts of the bay area of course the differences go ye is another option. jens applying this afternoon 40,000 people at at&t park that adds to the fund >> :
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house whether going to be for pride said perfect. talking a lot of sunshine we will see seven is in downtown san francisco of the gorgeous day for everyone having to protect what's listed do have some clout coverage of the cemetery ridge is really not excessive in fact we're putting out mostly clear conditions the images are now mainly in the fifties will '60s is the cloud cover not really affect their video on the coastline as a head in the afternoon we're talking more warmup but o'clock we see low 60s goes said '90s inland's. it looks like temperatures continued warmup approaching three this afternoon back to the news this morning and an 11 this morning after his car hit by an amtrak train collision happened to a conference tonight and the 10th avenue railroad crossings it would damage their fire officials say the driver was inside the vehicle when suddenly came to stop on the west
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contracts at the same time amtrak train approaching intersection the driver was able to escape before the train slammed into his car. no one including the driver was hurt no hazards or significant damage to the trend is able to clean up this bill flows and a brief hazards from the car. podiatrist been charged with writing of bells and illegal prescriptions for painkillers all but the district attorney's office says dr. 10 when ross 5040 prescriptions last year undercover officers and into wins office was in patients the d.a. says when he gave the agents prescriptions without examining them or asking any health questions not the first time he has been arrested for giving away medication convicted of selling prescription drugs beckham 2008 >> : news for you this morning and then recovering after being shot market street san francisco have been less than in the near abroad about the clock payton s.f.
7:35 am
general expected to survive according to a hospital anyone who witnessed the shooting expected to call san fransico police. caught on camera of the gets away with a bunch of mail and packages to go to video from pacific heights neighborhood and differences go a shows as a bold thieves a tool to break in a motel boxes and upscale apartment complex this complex on clara street near franklin was the prize the box open interest to the front facing of the mailboxes and goes back together backpacked and loads up taking mail from dozens of mailboxes a on the tariff goes for packages before he calmly walks away his left-handed get away with that. not sure if he was alone and ellis like he was alone. the first time
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>> : measures of the cost more than a thousand dollars affects the mailboxes the value of the items to stole are known for the july ratter on the corner watch for legal pyrotechnics dry conditions illegal fireworks are a combination of course i could lead to fires or to a sled and selling fireworks and other taxable items must register for free for free temporary sellers permit. far worse prohibited in many bay area cities but some counties selling illegal fireworks and a boy for instance the fireworks for fourth of july weekend are now on sale the city of dublin allows community groups as a legal fireworks as a fund-raiser buyers sought a single mother said the same >> : local stuff stuff that they might personal leisure. am
7:37 am
there prequel have >> : to allow extra patrols out on the fourth crack down on illegal fireworks on safe use of illegal fireworks dublin homeowners white blood lead seven st. south of from the only set them off on own property between the hours of time in the morning till 10:00 tonight other bay area cities are to allow the use of safe virus include san bruno run a park in gilroy to write a check out a complete list of the cities and visitors website >> : the ups all but before the july business are works shows live or on the bed catch the fourth of july 4th special right here at ft for friday night at 9:00 p.m. >> : friday night at 9:00 p.m. >> : [ male announcer ] type 2 diabetes affects millions of u and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine -- what if there was a new class of medicine
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july project 41 million americans will travel 50 mi. or more for fourth of july holiday weekend year up to two percent from last year despite higher gasoline prices majority of travelers some 35 million done by estimated 3 million will be flying. motorists had the road for a fourth of july weekend guest vocalist more presses average $3.68 a gallon for regular unleaded. about 17¢ compared to last year also below the highest record of $4.11 a gallon. cephalus for the delay into thousand eight. who will continue to rise because of political conflict in the rack. national ever sing at $3.67 a gallon. california and averages $4.13 and a bay area of course higher in san
7:42 am
francisco $4.24 a oakland $4.13 san jose $4.11 a gallon. coming up wheat cargo the top stories that what the for a live look outside as well. you from mount sam beautiful view of the skyline there in san francisco some 1 million people expected and the city for pride week and we will be right back >> :
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right price is set to take off from world this morning right here in san francisco. of that is 44th year in the city. you the u.s. with the '70s, mont slowed and then full years since u.s. preserving court said the letters section that denied the drawer recognition as insects marriage. sent seven more states legalize same- sex marriage the boost the total to 19 + washington dc.
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the explosion that all the broad damaging mobile homes to order about the west's war contend hours later. recross of helping with food to other clothing and sporting. warm welcome this morning cattleman reunited with family story refers brought to you yesterday martina's reported missing by his wife on june 5th when he did not show up the work today's letters wall and clothes found in his car. in the marin fair grounds called his wife from now but. to the family is starting to plan but visual into a party. hello police walked away from his car all-purpose he was feeling stressed out and want to get away from work. some 46 what people saw a lot dealing with the very best in the differences go giants game coming up as well. where was
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the father and said cloud cover will you busing for the will this >> : was different this morning clear said definitely good news for everyone out about on the sunday after an to you live outside the golden gate bridge this is generally an indication of clear conditions are on the entire bay area clear conditions of the golden gate generally having a declare conditions everywhere. by letter in the afternoon we see upper 90s for morris inland areas triple digits as we head into tomorrow. tuesday thursday will be cooler looking at pretty comfortable conditions in the fourth of july. but the satellite imagery to see patchy clouds cover on the sons of kron close battle quickly burn off. what sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon antioch's 97 at 99 fairfield upper seventies along a special airline daily city today even some >> : 568. here's a sunday on
7:48 am
before test tomorrow certainly the warmest day of the week before gradually cool things back on approaching the fourth of july >> : is looking at a car that was foiled by parts. i say that i mean everything from tires to friends >> : the city in this pile stuff for the for the record is not abandoned >> : a person keeping watch over all parts >> : of 2 in. few where your registry area known as by caliph and now that's not official lamb but unlike l.a. there's dozens upon dozens of by part everywhere and people there dismantling the bikes >> : if i could find like eliot why is the place there bossing people. and it's not the simple but a lot brighter secures his or her by the department
7:49 am
theftproof. simply locking up your by does not always insurer by columbus to one or stripped. this is a few feet away to by stripped the bid to a bare frame. point is this even if the police raid but i let out causes resistance of the way absolutely nothing please can do for all in all it just like parts nothing more. however after but is registered to one of the new is possession of said by a stolen property >> : many cases but simply repainted and solemn black market for pennies on the dollar. good luck want to buy even better to register. two months after a long
7:50 am
passenger plane as the house international airport officials say they are in the midst of big changes is strengthening perimeter security. this is the release last month showing teenager stoa from san jose getting awful why airlines jet in white. he got on the flight here in san jose international airport officials said they are making changes this does not happen again. to the investigation able to determine where specifically about hon. areas may be here on our part. premier security requirements met before this incident what questions rose afterward. from the polka and lawmakers >> : and less to was operational procedures cell jose international airport have been changed. csa and law- enforcement what the perimeter to determine where improvements are needed and now they're poor working
7:51 am
with outside group to test technology that could be used to prevent and sugar on on my >> : system only to separate offense and cyclones barbwire that the infrared heat seeking infrared or challenging the see out are very well laid rampant my time. getting that could be a challenge the funding goes to the perimeter security has not been increased in 14 years >> : funding of real question here on that are continuing to pursue acting national law along with all the u.s. airports. testing the technology find one method that can be a sort of alarm system to those working here at the airport than working meat getting funded this could be a very timely project >> : after several weather- related delays this month massa's news space craft lifted off from u.s. navy's
7:52 am
pacific missile range this morning and why is this agency said the test as low densities supersonic so riders carried by the drive alone appears to be success and says the pressure to deploy as expected hard fight and to dissent to 30 minutes the disquiet craft traveled more than 20 mi. above earth >> : their message getting more of the rebels the nissan cars because of unintended acceleration issue. nissan cars under investigation include vs sedan and verse a note vehicles. effective vehicles manufactured between 12 and 14 people as apparently complaining about the carpet that was stricken the driver's ability to work accelerators' and bright paddle. much more ahead on newsweek and first to live look outside beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. only have some of the golden gate we have some pretty much everywhere we will be
7:53 am
right back >> : i'll have my usual ultimate cheeseburger. you can have that. or-two new versions of the ultimate cheeseburger. one has sliced jalapeños and creamy ranch sauce, the other has sweet and tangy barbecue sauce and grilled onions, plus double meat and cheese like the original. new versions...? two new versions! now, this was just a training video, but these twists on my ultimate cheeseburger will blow people's minds. is that guy ok?
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100 year-old world war two veteran can sing a high- school graduate. the junior it added that its grid then drafted in 1941 to date has great-grandson presented with potter high-school diploma also is great grandsons restoration day as well. he served as combat infantrymen in the army. a third wave of the d-day invasion at normandy back in 1944. customers are turning to see as weak this chapter of the spa for the class a + sherri roth as we saw shawn >> : you can't buy a block wall or discovers the leader of the transformer up his crime second trick or treat we
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reactivated triggers built between war and shoe stores. >> : after all we have done in humans hunting us as is not more as human extinction >> : all this evil as the test was mountains and foresight in mind of for mutt for materials to his owner whats >> : as normal a clearly unstable. transformers' its extention pg-13 now showing a juror off >> : coming up on news weekend sentences dutch draft of it not been enough major artery and the city is going to be shut down travel turn as >> : soon long rates set to increase this week what you need to know up paying off
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and start sunday morning coming up >> : bay area's news station and music in stores now >> : there's for joining us on kron 4 news weekend. mr. things off with a look at the forecast for that >> :
8:01 am
loss sun shined bay area wide right now temperatures not too bad if you get an early star suffers a loss of 59 degrees 62 living house in concord upper 50s down in san jose farm not really a factor this morning really shallow mowing right where we see is real and sematech coming cosine conditions over the golden gate bridge nothing but sunshine is written up in the spec. by the afternoon talking must agree warm temperatures slightly warmer loris we should be this time of year are 97497 there was a news for danton's evans's go redwood city 583 even warm weather into tomorrow details on the coming up in 15 >> : cried weekend is suffers a scuffle swing right now. the house is expected to gather for the annual pride parade
8:02 am
>> : if your home right now i suggest you get in and what difference half an hour makes it right now he is very busy lives more people on a street to see balloons some flows already getting into place martin deal beginning of a parade as the dimensions by the time this begins over 1 million people should come into sampras's go for a 44 sf pride some people already here sunday walt but >> : the rigid 400 motorcycles just about average overjoyed but that one. ours is getting in the country emotional standpoint with
8:03 am
every pastor here what is that feel to you. priory yourself and cecil so many different communities are all aware rounds >> : max initially nemerov now seems to be a celebration for everyone to see any resistance and push back says year's move on >> : very little resistance. we cover the spectrum the bright over wrong. all of orientation's my need. a straight by chance in between. >> : are your it ago are having a coffee so drinking the cast a sudden demand good >> : all the good all day. every
8:04 am
coming in san francisco bar does allow heavy lifting extra trains stay longer trains on entering the situation what people on a platform of the bart train pulls off the on the phones rang an extra chance stand by those trades in the service and the systems they should be covered the sky not tempered in the morning beginning at temporary and should wrap up later into the evening getting warmed up. come down here this is the place to be 44th assess the five. we see you in a half-hour. reporting live on market street. trees and flows to incorporate this morning most streetcorners wrong not apply route and place now stuck to the corner of market and below our will is reporting from. parade participants making way west market and ending at market eight straight.
8:05 am
left its line will be impacted marcus to keep in mind will be closed until 5:00 p.m.. and crews clear the route >> : celebrations already in full swing. the civic center plaza upset saturday earlier yesterday pink triangle put into place iconic pink triangle i spoke with tv talk-show host ross mathews while the grand marshals of today's event >> : as a big deal to be grand marshal a growth a little farm town and always wished some anc didn't elect that i always tried to give example by being chosen for the assets fell pay is working. people are noticing where unfriended do this feels really good >> : this again the parade will start at 1030 into a half- hour's live all morning long here on kron 4 news weekend covering it for you. the prey will cause some it
8:06 am
rewrote some delays officials say the 51921 routes will reroute all day. 3474976 x m1 anoint likely to subject to delays throughout the day. we have continuing coverage online as well all but the events happening for pride weekend to check your website this morning conchos account sheriff's office investigating officer involved shooting happening less than the 4600 block of the chernobyl blowers chp officer bob one person shot taken to john muir medical school reason for the shooting remains unclear this morning. and the north bay one home destroyed mobile homes damaged after a fire in qatari saturday night it broke out about 4:00 yesterday afternoon rather on what school road. fire officials say it started in the erogenous asserted tanks contained oxyacetylene were stored there for hobbling those
8:07 am
tanks exploded levelling the grosz there was more home also destroyed flares and bush putting the family's list >> : wait before welfare continues to burn the latest numbers of the fire fighters working to get the fire under control for also family friends gathering for the funeral the toddler who died after being left in sidecar for hours. by the father had to recall the link is that gas rather than to attend the service. severs is good traffic is not enough for the of the july weekend and might impact the plan some alternatives for you when we come back alternatives for you when we come back >> : (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. oh, that's pretty cool!
8:08 am
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8:10 am
present now wants more than
8:11 am
$2 billion to the increased security on the mexican border an urgent humanitarian situation. asking for the money for the flood of immigrants also asking for new powers to deal with the attorney immigrant children all traveling without their parents. warehouse as a result, says the old asphalt money for it tomorrow. decision will be for their return from a fourth of july recess. but for afternoon highs set livermore 91 degrees and nappa fall break down of what's ahead at coming up when newsweek and returns >> :
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
on a road there oklahoma had cited byline of several computers storms several buildings damaged debris littering the area but national weather service has not offer and whether not the portal that touched down >> : in a back closer to home or
8:15 am
dealing with some hot temperatures and when but along the coast of beautiful. a race too hot there is concern of fire danger of poor quality as well alicea especially air alert issues tomorrow. today however lot of sunshine very nice weather live look outside the golden gate bridge heading up to clear conditions whatever was the golden gate bridge clear indication that were heading up clears guys everywhere. let's get headlines. want to about a hundred for someone spots today and tomorrow tuesday to thursday we see a cooling trend return for morning fog afternoon sunshine as we head into the for the july instead '70s base side and days for warmus in one spot. not much here on the satellite imagery lot of sunshine today livermore 8286 degrees in san jose is spent plenty of overall revenues for its fish runs and rose at a high of 90. sunday on the bay forecast our warmest day of
8:16 am
the week tool things down early next week but holding on to dry weather temperatures got a little warmer than where we should be this time of year ahead in the fourth of july expect operating as we get six seats for the coast >> : nearly 3000 people were turning the poor in seattle and cruise ship caught fire. ims was saddam beginning a seven day brought a fire broke out on american says what the fire began in the boiler room entries officials said the ship as well as operational again expecting it to depart once inspections are completed. northern arizona firefighters battling the san juan fire. this 5,000 a. burned since thursday morning. amanda goodman now has more from the front lines >> : attack continues today from the air in the grounds now more than 500 people working to get this under control will live right here
8:17 am
expected fire load up credit ago and will be ready. zero firefighters doing what they can to provide additional graduation aside from the colmar winds today they're getting some much needed help banks to some preparation taken by the forest service to get out areas with the national forest >> : with separate these days as you see issued these are the their touch in this particular stand reason for that. so the fire does not crown spread by jumping from tree to tree. the public information officer for the campfire also all local. what you see here is what looks like on the other side of the fire as well. a building fire line on this type of forest on a set afire now. as the approaches we are fairly confident we can not hold hold this fire out all areas look like this. this area here is what firefighters legacy the thinned out a lot of states and between the trees across
8:18 am
the way load completely different story much the grove there. bentsen says when low-fat desserts that like this and it's a much harder for firefighters to do much of anything the slow wildfire down. its hands tied is a point to these thick trees over here it and say it eating give us enough to work with are not back off. and have to let the sperm. unfortunately there's all of areas i have not been thinned. specially around home for now is an wont fire burning toward that end area. firefighters cautiously optimistic. arizona five 2.2 it is quite near the mexican border. have been late saturday it usgs centered in southeastern arizona callers from as far as well as the 50 mi. felt the quake. no reports of a knee injury or damage. family friends
8:19 am
mourning the loss of a toddler who died from hypothermia left out in such a hot vehicle for hours. justin said he is inside a jail cell. according search warrant to search in the research on the i shall death inside cars and what temperatures needed for that happen. he did call in from the trail the link the funeral guests for supporting a son and apologize for not being there. family friends say a man of the moral fiber of justin never capable of killing his own son >> : this is our character and then the people change it's been 15 years is so since we've had contact and the church people change is hard for me to imagine >> :
8:20 am
a cooper harris left for seven hours and his father's car under the blistering and lead to a son still unknown is what may have made about what motivated justin to allegedly do this to his only child. in whole or a soldier found guilty of killing is daughter. a rain will was then the rest of his life in prison. back in july 2005 the williams' daughter italia that of a head injury after being beaten and of families military courts. ivan's show shoes tortured for months starched duct tape and struck with a belt along with her father's desk. u.s. attorney says the glass is controls over >> : the long process many years williams tried under federal law applies first capital murder trial. there chow
8:21 am
bureau of prisons now figure out which mainland prison will hold williams for the rest of his life >> : seven people injured after shooting in new orleans mourning one was shot was was in critical condition this morning when this is what cynosure intentionally shot or that comes before opening fire on kron bourbon street of course known as a tourist attraction or cars regularly flooded into the streets police still investigating the shooting. >> : still ahead on news weekend with gen today's highlights + hot recapped thought world cup games we female announcer: time is running out to get the hottest deal
8:22 am
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giants desperately looking for any way to bridge the june swoon and the extra earnings at&t park less nine is loaded in the 11th that co-star with a strong base hit right up the middle of the part of five running for the red. and for the gens their way of life tonight
8:25 am
us when both the pension rbi double that would tie the game they need the extra innings extra three revs the giants and dropping three in a row 8 of 11 the elite to jot dodgers down one game at >> : oakland a's debt to a fast start against miami marlins lost my ambiance of for nothing lead in the for the first inning. before setting an arrow the a's watter that and this time the king backed to and in 14 innings making them 50th win in the citizen. the thorough season-high 20 games over 500 right now. that news for the team load trash from last night with a sideline of a sore knee. less less sense game after reactivated that injury. schedules for an mri today. turning to the world cup will soon result as many people celebrating saturday as the home team of aided by elimination.
8:26 am
ushered out or chile. the brizola issue up by a score three to two. brazil facing columbia and the quarter finals columbia eliminated your way yesterday to the yet nothing. soras bet for was for but to tie a player last week. u.s. this in belgium on tuesday. today's match from the netherlands to see how mexico a half an hour to spare as insulin in the street will then face off at 1:00 >> : one more win on the quarterfinals of the world cup for team usa we look ahead to match a with belgium soccer expert chris dangerfield plus the giants was the reds as they try to hang on the first lesson must always my in miami to go marlon's full half-hour motorsports needs this sunday night at 9 right after the news >> :
8:27 am
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and odby to aed sar. oh ay, bodyse tse crberr
8:29 am
of the from of the severance is go for fourth annual pride parade visit again with will trent market street downtown san francisco or to the crowds grow little by little. tobol lot by lot so many people showing up to ours away at home if you do not dismiss soon you'll miss the window of opportunity for a great spot for the parade. market abele start a probe started and 30 you see behind me motorcycles in place the they are star of the pride parade 44 the year every year as seems like they wont to out to the previous year a few guys who will be participants and the parades' limit your reaction to what's going on chow said
8:30 am
are your army have you been to the cement their firstborn overwhelmingly excited but very happy be a part of this tremendous celebration >> : is a seventh. six performing every year it's better and better are some people expect of their watching and saying in an sec order you'd tell them to bring them here. we feel overwhelming sense of comfort support overall has that mr. got a better have been some better have you noticed yet >> : thus no way of more more states excepting a bearish now getting more excepting services go one of the best cities to be. it toolbars
8:31 am
and set so high. so much more rewarding right more and more people is coming so much farther up from four other way. selling city specifics on your during a pride today all coming together as i love. will going for more up in the air nor like your guests up >> :
8:32 am
their public intoxication on six felony arrests which include anyone carrying weapons are fighting and the northern district there are 35 public intoxication rest for the misdemeanor arrests. officers again full force asking everyone to be said to have a good time and keep nice easy out there. or to stay here in san francisco if you're heading out to pride parade temperatures in the upper fifties was the news by the time print break begins. nice very pleasant and severances go services go nice but or talking very
8:33 am
toasty conditions in fact possibly upper 90s for some in one spot. fairfield belt systems that existed and it is an asset already in low sixties for references to 64 in sunnyvale because so clear out the sun shine really has opportunities to warm things up. we see peaky into tomorrow tuesday to thursday to declare conditions for fourth of july were at this meeting sunday and is for the warm as inland areas. caught on camera at the gets away with a bunch of male passengers. second up to six nights in rodents differences go and it shows this brazen thieves using a tool opening a mailbox at place street near franklin first this beef up a present one mailbox reps to the entire front casing opens up the man goes back to get his back back starts floating in up picking up from dozens of
8:34 am
mailboxes all undeterred goes for the packages of well he fairly calmly walks away >> : against a projecting 41 million americans traveling to 2 mi. more up nearly 2 percent compared to last year. despite a higher gas prices a majority of travelers some 35 million people going by car estimated 3 million will be flying. for commuters traveling in serve as is go over the holiday and will be an for reawakening because caltrans shutting down much of north on 280 in san francisco to make repairs. more on the project and upcoming closure >> : such as closing a portion of interstate 280 in san francisco pitcher + 7 john the stretch of roadway near
8:35 am
sees asat chavez exit. next two sections of roadway tell trendsetters structural deficiencies discovered in 2006 read sewell were pared. with plans for a pleasant on road as was happening over the july 4th weekend. 40 some years the delays have been here during the time they it wore a lot and size standards change. 01 do is make sure that the structure stays a safe before their public really waited do that is by replacing hinges. in response to a close from one frit merged the king street in was in that you want it more and july 7th. and headed northbound on rams also because motorists are rise as they can use public transit they should south onto 80 will not be impacted. i then worked its underway closer begins wednesday runs through july
8:36 am
4th on idealof north on 280 reon time for the commute monday morning july 7th. then we get to do all over again. another closure for labor day weekend. as motorists to throw for july 4th weekend gasoline will cost more prices average about $3.68 a gallon for >> : unleaded it's up 17¢ compared to last year also below the highs record of $4.11 said at the root for the july back in 2008 and the price of crude oil continuing rise mainly because of political conflict in iraq. today's average as the gasoline national average is it the $67 cents a gallon out average of 13¢ a gallon. in the bay area and will not the dollars from 4¢ a gallon to oakland for 13 $4 loan cents for unleaded. for the
8:37 am
july what cities are long and you buy for also student loan rates on the rise bay area financial expert runs me to talk about all you need to know about in that loan paid off. in texas said injured list please stress and a fiery crash all caught on camera of the deal for you coming up >> : kerri: kerri the sparkle fairy here.
8:38 am
mom: well, i use bount.. kerri:oo! use sparkle®. it's just right for cleaning up everyday little sses sparkl®. the bright way to ean.
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8:40 am
for the july run the " official said after watching the legal fireworks began. san jose fire departments will be patrolling sections of the city watch out for a legal or illegal pyrotechnics dry conditions and illegal fireworks combination leads suppliers burton's plan on selling fireworks other taxable bonds must have a free temporary sellers permit. many various cities and counties some are selling illegal fireworks dublin for instance bars for
8:41 am
for the july now on sale. city of dublin on running to come some of fireworks. >> : this low level stuff i play with a personal leisure and they're not ariels where there critical have. as firefighters extra patrols on the fourth to crack down on illegal fireworks and on safe use of illegal ones did their load the lights some with resections all set them off on their own property between all the time the morning till 10 at night all the bay area cities with also allow the use of state fireworks include december no park and go right at you like a complete list of cities that do have oral legal fireworks is our website at kron4-dot-com of course the bay area during up for
8:42 am
independence day kron 4 hall got sober the fourth of july we bring you the biggest and best art shows why from all on the bay to catch the fourth of july spiderwort special right here on kron 4 friday night at 9:00 p.m.. we will be right back >> :
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
legs for starting a morning off of kron 4 news weekend but san temperatures start start of the sun and wind san francisco 6263 and in the house and livermore not dealing with much cloud cover what we do see is a long the cemetery county coast above the afternoon talking us some pretty warm conditions. or more to a high of 92 ec 95 of their field even warmer and then that an end to october 70 along the east bay shore lines san francisco not too bad 7291 heading up the wine country read was to get 83 degrees a little more the mother's sunnyvale. looking
8:46 am
hydrosol and there on the bay forecast to us tomorrow to but is expected for inland areas on as it wouldn't be surprised to spur their lore is issued. not as wont tuesday the fourth of july a bayside >> : holliston's the justin loans. on july 1st. the 4.66% compared a one point last year. minutes for breast and 6.2%. also from 5.1% paris to take zero loans for soon as children will pay interest rate of 7.2% also up. bay area's financial advisor to join us from the vendor financial- services to talk about what this means for students and some important tips are paying off us in loans.
8:47 am
rights are going up to july 1st. $46 per $10,000 the bar per year in additional payments are probably as congress's caught the interest rates to the treasury sold every year going to go up. when you take out your student loan each year that raise large dent but overall cap rate as 8 1/4 on those loans could be quite a bit higher for years to come. >> : we have been pretty amazing for the first thing i understand your debt. alatas students so busy doing everything else they forget what they're really focusing on and stunned that didn't go to the national star
8:48 am
among data center see exactly each loan you have an opinion structure is i have a win, website. they go and find out what exactly the situation is. if i understand in said the deal alatas students have a tendency to say i'll have a job yet how my going to deal with this. that is next step and a delay if you can't. a man student lenders will let you delay and often size for six months we need to call in find out. we really want to do is talk the lender can you delay it until you have employment and that would be as far as mode define allow lenders will do that. if you communicate with the of this figure had on the sand all bets are off >> : the time of graduation for ladas been swallowed of excitement and also ala and uncertainty not really sure where the next job is going to be endemic tendency may be to avoid or ignore alone.
8:49 am
you really want to build a plan for repayment and then you should research of the plan don't just focus on the students that your cart credit card of a trend for the summer hyde that first led a status of smaller- china get that out. but then the bottom-line its divestiture or year and pay our airbase forget which does happen to 15 percent of allston lungs code and to be felt first years >> : most of them because they forget about it yoga so under moves don't keep track of it. and not the right thing going. a bad effect us or for that. as i mentioned earlier that his committee with the lender. make this not up at mr. your leisure wear your if you have a financial difficulty coming up on horizon you know lost
8:50 am
a job won a be a while before you start a job at committee with the lender they work with you. carrying this debt can be very unwieldy for losses wasn't not necessarily a bad thing. the about as a real first and just and the french world if to make payments into a fashion this will help you build a good could score slick have a lower interest rates any buyer for some and really much more respectable fight a score as move forward in life. but he's so much we have confirmation on this and other financial issues news again for those steps >> : heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
8:51 am
what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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all the single physicist for the money on a transformer story in mind them to make his on robots. burt more clearly unstable. it's not their man of >> : transformers age of extinction at bryn pg-13 for now showing. still ahead on kron 4 news weekend kron 4 event investigating a bizarre running into a trunk of a car speeding along in north carolina highway all caught on camera the video for you coming up and also bold thieves caught on counseling mail from upscale better area in a broad what he got away with >> : coming up believe it or not spike our land severances got that's not a good thing all explained in the next addition of people behaving badly and take a live look
8:57 am
of sentences go. just inside >> : radio announcer: it's mattress discounters 4th of july sale. bulldog: that cloud reminds me of... radio announcer: a queen size serta pillow top mattress... bulldog: that's it! radio announcer: now on sale for just $597. bulldog: that's a ringer of a deal! radio announcer: mattress discounters 4th of july sale ends soon.
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8:59 am
for the annual san francisco pride parade happening today just about an hour-and-a-half. what you need to know coming up a live report. blair won no. i never destroy the home was never on edge as crews tried to stop a gas leak. here's a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza nothing but sunshine on the sunday morning details on the rest of the day coming up. >> :
9:00 am
we're going to get started but to get a look at the weather forecast >> : cordis start to the sunday temperatures already in the '60s and even some '70s up there all sunshine concord already as 7074 degrees and antioch upper 60s and one country right now severance is go out even at 64. you only imagine just how warm it will get later onset approaching the upper 90s for someone spots in the east bay. tomorrow will be the warmest day of hundred degree mark. to zithers and cool down will be experienced fourth of july brings us a use for inland areas. if your heading up to services go pride parade today expect temperatures and low '70's under mostly sunny skies. pride weekend is in full swing today in san francisco thousands of people instead together for the annual pride parade.
9:01 am
reporting live along the parade route this morning for us. a hit of the latest >> : a lot of new friends at having any issues for grabbing people for in areas of the people right now walking on market street get vertigo 90 minutes away from the start of the parade by the time it's over they expect a million people to be in san francisco for prior week and 44th what people veterans. this all this before the one see both better than the previous year's than others to its people behind lane is an abuse of late on 16. having been to a processible. and the snuffers time hard you parents to sit yes. i'm i'm really trust me so she settled there. shinto shoe
9:02 am
drop me off the affair. to watch your non have signed to come down a ever seen pride of and close personal. all i have not acting with her mom. it's in your parents to show up either note nice for joining them is about show you a lot of what's going on right now see the bicycles right here basically almost marcus in store. as the busy it is renowned bear kids all but now marcus street people walk around. everyone wanted nine now. anchorage and get up off the couch, and said francisco bar is your answer they do a lot of the heavy lifting coming out side of severances got a coming here extra trains longer trains available for people to
9:03 am
comment when all i don't suggest it be dropped off by family friends resilience see how hard it is this to come out market street barricades here future ride your bicycle a market street to the fun of the parade you will be stopped whats your participants and not allowed the have any mode of transportation a market >> : want to show you some flaws latter part of a parade this morning most street closures that we talked about are now in effect. it's 1/4 of market and bill st. participants making their way west bound market ending a market and a street. the park will be impacted until 5:00 this afternoon when crews clear the route. celebration in full swing. sinner's station plus look like yesterday. at the pink triangle put in place. spoke with teacher talk show host
9:04 am
ross mathews one of the grand marshals of today's event. i grew up a little farm town of el is thousand one on tv at a point: sec to be let back in rugby happy openly gay person i didn't and that an existing trend to give the example and by being chosen for this i think it pay its working. they're noticing when trying to do it feels really good >> : again parade will begin an hour and a half and 30 we will be having live reports all morning long on news weekend. many officials saying the 51921 route all will be rerouted today. 347497 news and 1 08 routes likely be subject to delays the day. today we have continuing coverage of for pride festivities and online all but the events happening for pride weekend
9:05 am
log onto kron4-dot-com >> : new this morning learning about the deadly acts and in concord story for spots you saturday morning on kron 4 news began happen on the bridge over crosstown will press pass road exit what nicklaus was insistent woman into chilled killed in the stretch. have had on five abortion lost both major non-life threatening injuries. the woman who lived in driving the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene in the girls and to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead. nichols also this morning oakland county sheriff's office investigating on officered involve shooting. for 600 block of the chico boulevard and all the chp officer the person shot said john muir medical center reason for shooting remains unclear this morning >> : in the north bay one home destroyed multiple homes damaged after firing could
9:06 am
toddy saturday night. it broke out 4:00 west school road. the blaze started in the brush great sight of tanks containing the acetylene store there for how well in those tanks exploded in level grosz >> : one challenge when the crush was exploding the gas meter knocked off and we had a natural gas like that ignited a week and get near that. also carlines were down all sort of a grudge goes down a whole area we couldn't not work around. the motorola also destroyed fired distinguish from 530 yesterday afternoon the red cross on the scene offering help to a displace family who would then decided to stay with friends in the neighborhood. still had one texas lawmaker did trend occurred undocumented
9:07 am
immigrant miners in the west as store coming up and north carolina man rides on the back level and strong to embrace it through her window inside the car. while she's behind wheel was amazing story coming up. chow the whole i starved beaten to death. consequences the father now facing for her death >> :
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
for the lowest one $2 billion to increase security and u.s.-mexican border something presidents calling urgent humanitarian situation mr. rother asking for the monitors on the flooding your it immigrants illegally crossing the border also asking for new powers to deal with returning and grandchildren what restaurant traveling without their parents. the plans to ask congress for money tomorrow decision is expected from congress to return from los >> : and a good housing units and
9:11 am
on documents miners have been flooding and the u.s. he held a news conference of the first lady of honduras on suntan a military base she also toured the center's center of clara says the influx of trojan and the u.s. is a major problem. santa rain crisis are facing down there. but the same time as she is a lot: security. congressman planning a meeting with my second potential leaders the try to figure out how to stop unaccompanied children from crossing the border >> : still had on is we get we have the latest for you on the shooting in new orleans' bourbon street the left several people wounded in the meantime what look outside from differences go from the roof cameras. plenty of sunshine for the pride parade this morning the forecast we come back >> :
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
a million people and services could take part in the pride parade today of
9:15 am
whether they're going to be enjoying >> : it will be sunny '70s and i have an additional 40,000 coming in for the giants game so lot of people hiding in the service is good today good news is i was pretty nice weather not to warm but not too cool either. what is occurring conditions concord and a look at it that 76 c degrees and santa rosa because the heading up the clear skies sunshine really have the opportunity to warm things up. " high pressure building up offshore right now bossing too much and well morning fog in the afternoon donna, in your neighborhood. 92 in livermore for '92 and fairfield upper 90s and antioch 73 oakland 72 for downtown san francisco but had this sunday on the big forecast all shipping up to be the hottest day of the week. with the surprise of this earlier ruler was issued. air quality that will take a hit very light winds. all that is good for
9:16 am
fire danger or the dry conditions hot temperatures breathing it will be a little more difficult and into tomorrow. legging out into a small attempt is heading right in the fourth of july by friday will be in the upper 80s inland late '70s bayside and 6 is for the coast. after the news is more a nearly 3000 people had returned to port and seattle entries ship the caught on fire. the what meat that was getting of >> : the reports of injuries officials say the ship is fully operational they expected to depart once those inspections are completed >> : and sent store for you from charlotte n.c. police investigating reports of a man riding on the trunk of a car thus speeding along the freeway the man broke into the back window of the car as it was going down the freeway climbed inside the car as well. also the caught on camera. >> :
9:17 am
still can't believe what assault say on my 77 before exit 7. this one on top of the car in the trunk and i thought lemme get my phone and start and recording it should share the video with us and says other drivers were slowing down to watching anxiously to see what happened to man on the cecily's a dent authorities got several calls. here is going like this in the back of the car against us to marseilles by the time they run the car was gone and right now they don't have much to go on but chrysalis said they saw the man on the back of a car bric-a-brac windshield and climb inside whenever he lifted his hands smashed the glass opening look like there's something sharp a woman was driving a car or the trial in the car
9:18 am
see inside board vessels is ok pit did the tories and the driver person on the back of the driver know each other but can be sure until the track down who they are >> : family friends mourning the loss of a toddler daughter often set a hot vehicle for hours. one person not a cabrera's saturday's service was the child's father justin currently inside jail cell. according search warrants harris recently research online child's death on inside cars including what temperatures needed for that happen. he did call in from jail the that the funeral guest for supporting his son also apologize for not been at the service family friends say harris is not capable of killing his own son seems out of character for him and i know people trade it's been 15 years ourselves since we've had contact on the church grids so people
9:19 am
change but it as hard for me to imagine what see ross harris see little funny boy that in new >> : 22 month year-old cooper of for seven hours and his father's car and a blistering epileptics on >> : and why soldier found guilty of killing his five year-old daughter judge ruled that 19 will spend the rest of his life to prison in july of 2005 that williams' daughter tonya died of head injury after being beaten at the family's military quarters she was tortured for mons star is the tape to strut of the belts and her father's vest prosecuting u.s. attorney glad the trawler's family or >> : to a long process many years guses has been served >> : because killing happened on
9:20 am
military base williams tried under federal law for the first capital murder trial. federal burrow it will determine which mainland prison will hold williams for the rest of his life. nine people injured after shooting in new orleans early this morning one one- shot on bourbon street in critical condition this shooter appeared to intentionally shoe one victim before opening fire on the crowd. of course known as a tourist attraction in new orleans across are clearly flood the streets but still investigating the shooting >> : member dairy meeks u.s. air member california found that some ladies drooling over and facebook makes has a manager now and says she's not feeling the loss. she never rodriguez as receiving dozens of pricing phone calls including death threats. greenberg presented a member be submitted hidden part of the cubs game arias office filed a report on fraud and a valley county sheriff's department she was
9:21 am
hired last week to meet with me still make their getting overwhelmed since this mutt chow and viral event in jail meese apparently it had offers from modeling agencies and reality tv shows. 920 coming up on news weekend highlights from the world cup and and looking ahead to today's games jensen is highlights coming up as well. level outside portion the bay bridge putting sunshine a top about forecast coming up and few minutes >> :
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
then says for looking for and bring in the june swoon their extra innings of 18 per class night. grace is loaded the is that they set up the middle tier 5 run inning for cincinnati the jazz their way of life can in the ninth inning with buster posey pinch-hit rbi double to tie the game and the extra innings. but the
9:25 am
file will leave 73 cincinnati three gens jobs 0811. oakland a's getting to a fast car again. miami marlins last age days from bottle for nothing lead in the fourth inning. the second game in the rose get it was quarter lead but yesterday's came back when it in 14 innings for the 50th win of the season in oakland their neuroses and high 20 games over 500. but bad news for the a's and fans josh red fort a sore knee same one that he injured earlier aggravated the injury apparently is could afford more ire later today. and a world cup to go to the senior members of many people celebrating saturday as the home team avoided elimination and advanced to the quarterfinals. the win came an incredible it should not win over chile yesterday
9:26 am
brazil 132 over that trout. brazil facing colombia's that in the files feared >> : wont person band for biting an italian player and a game last week >> : u.s. faces belgium on tuesday. >> : mexico going air right now the to the surprise teams in the world cup grocery cutting grease facing off or o'clock this afternoon >> : what more where ought to a quarter finals of the world cup for team usa look ahead to the matchup of belgium sucker expert chris dangerfield + gentles the red as a trend that first cousin was the eighth signal marlins beat full half-hour of all sports needs this sunday night at 9 right after the news >> : coming up in just a couple
9:27 am
minutes on kron 4 news we can have another live report from today's a pride festivity the market street in the meantime live look outside agency just picture- perfect weather on the golan gate bridge, a traffic to speak of as well will be right back >> :
9:28 am
it's the yoplait greek taste-off and we are asking the music city which 100-calorie strawberry greek yogurt is the next big thing. i'm a random lady with a table full of yogurt. want some greek yogurt? can i ask you a question? tell us what tastes best. this one is definitely the winner. that one is good. a is great. yoplait greek 100! that's the stuff right there. you want to see which one yoplait greek beat? chobani yes! yoplait greek wins again. take the taste-off for yourself! it is a beautiful day for yogurt.
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martin st. tickets crowd. tests of one of the teams out. and see a lot of them getting ready to go along with the motorcycles it will be in attendance my first advice to you if you're watching a home where you doing come down here it's getting so busy that with every test passing minute coming down here will be that much more difficult to come down to not wear anything but teacher and his
9:30 am
toasty right now in san francisco one hour away from the start of the 44th pride festival the time it's over they expect a million people to be in san francisco bay say every year is better than the previous year limit rijeka will people watertown joe lindsay we has come from chicago illinois >> : wheat have been the chicago parade but this is a much bigger and better airline become an for brighter just tourists in happen again treated >> : so busy right now pretty crazy amazing >> : anything caught attention >> : the energy here is exciting so many people out is also high. it's awesome
9:31 am
>> : will kron check things out of the things cattle during the parade will be there for the other party for sure. a chicago friends watching >> : but on the bench, or friends this amazing pictures a share with them. limit pam the cameras are around show you what's going on market in stuart. that was the beginning of the route but agency already a lot people will hold around here there flights to hundred of them i can tell you if your coming and the san fransico don't bother being dropped off don't drive here bar is your best answer because they allow extra trains longer trends weekend as well or one hour away and i intend of embarrassed because they come in from chicago this seen as the immense differences go for 14 years
9:32 am
is the first time i saw red pepper but it's a lot of phone lines for putting me on this assignment >> : so sensory overload as that. that's a good way say it. >> : scheduled to start in an hour. severances go police department have hands full saturday and the mission district for instance 30 public intoxication arrests six felony arrests as well. anyone who was carrying a weapon fighting in the northern district of the city there were 35 public intoxication arrests and four misdemeanor arrests for today officers are asking everyone be saved have a good time this chulo little debt and let's go ahead and find out about the weather. we saw erica right off the bat it is nice and warm in san francisco will says toasty. that's right solaced people in shorts and tank tops use the dollar were that regardless of whether. usually we do lunt services
9:33 am
go pride parade a lot sunshine because the damages are warming up. by a than 10 the prince stars and see low seventies down their mostly sunny skies and we see pre warm there. in the city of san francisco. taking a lie about their risks and runs over the cathedral held. so how bright it is take would address the bay area. livermore announced its 777 and set a person seasons they've built up for 67 and up. in warmer weather back to work on monday checking that the portion of forecast sunday albay coming up the genus >> : wont to developing news this morning some people have been shot home and its stock at happened shortly before midnight in the 5500 block of cedar point way victims taken to local hospitals for treatment to of the victims drove themselves to a hospital all seven victims are expected to be okay according to
9:34 am
authorities information on a shooting gunmen still not known at this hour. men could not live this morning very lucky after his car hit by yet amtrak train collision happened about 10:00 friday night near the town and road or tennant avenue crossing fire officials said the driver was inside clark went suddenly came to stop was contracts at the same time and check train approaching the intersection but the driver it all to escape just before the train slammed into the car no one including the driver was hurt no hazards or significant damage to train crews able to quickly clean up debris has news from the car. cilia chow podiatrist been charged with writing calls illegal prescriptions for painkillers only the county district attorney's office says dr. todd when drought wrote over a 5040 prescriptions and last year. under cover officers sent
9:35 am
presentations d.a.'s office says that i give agents prescriptions without examining or asking them any questions about their health. the first time he has been arrested for giving way medication convicted of selling prescription drugs back in 2008. better to bring this morning after being shot on market street in san francisco happening last night and then general in a berlin about 7:00. taken the s.f. general doctors there he is expected to survive. anyone who witnessed the shooting but said the call san fransico please. caught on camera take a look at this of the fleet gets away with a bunch of military patches day off from pacific heights neighborhood in san francisco joined bull thieves show a tool to break into maalox in upscale apartment complex near franklin. once he gets into the mailbox moves to the front facing of the entire relax and goes back to get his backpack and and start loading up. ticking mel from
9:36 am
dozens of mailboxes on its sword he'd go back for packages before he finally calmly walks away. manager says that cost more than $1,000 and fixing the mill boxes but the belly of the items the thieves stole $1. >> : mature few of the loan ... was. but the first time that this thing like this happen. moret, those dollars to fix up boxes the of the i rose was steve bull run on. >> : much illegal fireworks the thing again. cell is a will be back from his second sections of the city of watching for illegal pyrotechnics. like fireworks are a combination that can lead to fires. merchants plan on selling fireworks and other taxable items must
9:37 am
register for free temporary sales permits. far as britain and many bay area cities and counties selling legal fireworks subsidies as well. in dublin for instance fireworks for four to join or sell the city of dublin laws to many groups as illegal fireworks as a fund-raiser iris and fireworks are safe and sane >> : this is old will stuff sulfite their pleas $5 and pillow of that all holders in dublin allowed to listen to this and fiber, for the july some restrictions the nose of them own their own property between the hours of time the morning attend night. and the bay area's its lows the uses to fires
9:38 am
in cinder new york. complicities visit ro sit and kron4-dot-com >> : care for and against sega's of four of which led biggest and best farce show love for all on deck. catch the july 4th though it special here on kron 45 9:09 p.m.. >> : coming up of selecting a travel for the for the july holiday will show major rivers will geller revenue much play tickets are going to cost >> : coming up believe it or not our by golly in san francisco not a good thing >> : in the next addition of people behaving badly >> :
9:39 am
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9:42 am
planned and as they get away by projecting 41 million americans traveling 50 mi. and more for the fourth of july holiday week and that's up nearly 2 percent compared to last year. despite higher gasoline prices the majority of travelers some 35 million of them will be traveling by car estimated 3 million will fly. >> : as orders had the road for the for the july week and gasoline will be costing more prices averaging about $3.60 cents a gallon for unleaded that's up 17¢ from last year. but that's all sell below what highest record of $4.11 sunset after the fourth of july in 2008. analysts said the price of gold be continued rise due to political con struck going on in my rack. let's take a look at today's averages setting averages $6.60 a gallon but here in california much higher up average of $4.13 a gallon. even higher than that in the bay area san francisco $4.24 a gallon and oakland for 13
9:43 am
san jose $4.11 a gallon. coming up on kron 4 news week and one woman goes out for burgers and it served marijuana will have that story coming up
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9:45 am
9:46 am
sound of a bear oklahoma saturday even see their several buildings damaged debris littering the area. the national weather service still has not confirmed whether not supported jackson touched down there. >> : back to the bay area parking lot this beautiful day along the coast is the up along with temperatures expected in the inland areas. here is sort of all-out. talking about big warmup for pretty much everyone temperature is already starting to climb already in the '70s and concord upper 60s leaving the house and santa rosa. 65 7 ounces got pretty mild conditions perfect weather having at the san francisco private parade. pride
9:47 am
parade >> : his is happening high pressure building up offshore that will allow temperatures to skyrocket. nineties and pleasant to 97 antioch 91 in the wine country heading 72 for 7 to discuss any bill hitting a high of 84 little warmer than than that in san jose. will be hot until tomorrow when we're talking about he keep triple digits anticipated inland at is however is air quality will be taking a hit light winds i will not be surprised if we have a hard time breathing and to let the warm toasty conditions the summer sizzle time to trickle down gradually as we head into next week by a fourth of july will be in the upper >> : 60s for the coast >> : 1 $2 billion increase security on u.s.-mexican border something the president is calling urgent
9:48 am
humanitarian situation mr. obama asking for money to respond a flood of and not immigrants illegally crossing the border also asking for new powers to deal with returning immigrant children are small traveling without their parents. but hollis says the president plans to ask congress for the money tomorrow money could this is an expense to return for the july recess. meantime a house minority leader saturday but this is a border bushel in texas that hold unaccompanied children politics should be set aside because we have a moral responsibility to address this in a dignified way in >> : jostle hold little hope the congress will pass comprehensive immigration reform bill this year >> : it expects changes in restaurant kitchens in california and a bronze on a measure repealing the state law employees to use gloves or utensils to handle food the goes straight to their
9:49 am
diners place. no has built place last year but it taken out place july 1st attended the prevent disease transition from food and drinks >> : and tea as been investigating more litigious 60,000 nissan cars because of unintended acceleration issue. nissan cars under investigation include meson versa vs again and personal vehicles doesn't in uncertainty, many venture between 2012 and 2014 because owners complaining about the carpet breadsticks the driver's ability to work and accelerator and brake pedals >> : drat our cart full bike parts. i say bike parts everything from tires to frames. they're sitting in this pile of stuff and for the record not abandoned especially person keeping watch over all parts. wait
9:50 am
there is more towards 50 ft. away near mission street area known as like l.a. know that's not official name but by golly there are dozens upon dozens of bike parts everywhere people they're dismantling the bikes >> : and know what your thinking if i confined by gallate when not police bossing people is not that simple me explain. normally when a writer secures his or her bikes they do their part to make theftproof. i put socks on and hope for the bus however a locking up your bike is not always insuring your book about the stolen or stepped in fact a few feet away tobias' strips to the bare frame >> : quite as try it is this even if the place for their trade by galley a lesser but is registered in some kind of way is absolutely nothing a player can do for all the nodes with us to buy parts nothing more however if it is registered someone other
9:51 am
than you is in possession of said like it will be stolen property. a stolen from a public school and that it has that presidents to get what off. many cases by to simply repainted sold on the black market for pennies on the dollar. as good a lot to bike but even better to register. >> : the shocked taylor died 67 year-old ballet cancer passed away last night in l.a. area homes run by friends and family he was best known for his role in the sitcom designing women also had roles another series including buffalo bills had a montana >> : maryland woman served the best food order at a upset at drive-in thought a plastic bag got a the consider along with fresh fresh about lost weight employee later fired after
9:52 am
saying the bag must have slept from her apron >> : or controversy from the pageant world is for the pageant crown the wrong letter last saturday because of vote counting error. initially named this woman up 20 roles as winner. has and officials shut up house thursday told her she is in fact the first runner up or that first runner-up is getting kron instead at officials said one judge changed his mind about who should finish first in the finals 6 is overlooked and then ended audit town was the rightful winner. also in delaware newly crowned when it gets rid of her title because she was too old at the age of 24. >> : i'll check for the forecast when we come back >> :
9:53 am
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several weather delays massless missile facility a
9:56 am
large office space agency >> : and it was a success but nasa says the parachute did not deploy as expected part flight and a sense of half- hour the flight craft traveled more than 20 mi. above the earth >> : transformer's about return the fears that spawn from classic toys chairman roth has this week's now showing >> : all robots to set the towns and transformers and extinction. fourth chapter of the sod of mechanically by marc watts bar discovers leader of the transformers of this prime second truck mode >> : react man triggers a war between humans and transformers >> :
9:57 am
all this little physicist was on and on transformers like mine them for materials met his own robots >> : are metal more clearly unstable it's what they're made of >> : agile extension rare pg-13 >> : final look at sunday are on the day forecast triple digits as we head into tomorrow air quality may be bad cold weather will see upper 80s inland. that all wrapped things up for us to have a great day
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